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Trellix is a regional corporation based in Dallas, Texas.  As one of the leading software and services firms serving the healthcare industry, Trellix has long recognized information is a key asset for any healthcare enterprise, and we have developed a focused set of products and services to assist our clients in defining, obtaining, and using this information as they strive to achieve their strategic and operational business goals.

Trellix is therefore a healthcare software, systems, and service company offering:

  • MedTeam, an integrated system for managing physician practices that is unique, fully graphical, up-to-the-minute, and unrivaled in the industry
  • Responsive service from Trellix, the developers of MedTeam Practice Management , MedTeam EMR, and MedTeam Practice Analyst
  • Internetworked Windows 2000/XP computer systems connecting multiple locations and the outside world through the Trellix Secure Data Network
  • Management support services including financial support, cost allocation, reporting, and information technology consulting services
  • Ancillary computing services like Internet email, web, and news; including access to unlimited medical information resources

The Trellix mission and corporate philosophy is to demonstrate leadership to the healthcare industry for high-quality, responsive products and services that enhance our clients ongoing performance.  We fulfill this mission for our commitment by:

  • providing service excellence that exceeds our clients’ expectations
  • achieving tangible and significant intangible results through solutions to provide long-term value to our clients
  • developing and maintaining client relationships based on responsiveness, trust, honesty, and mutual respect
  • aligning all Trellix resources with the business goals and challenges of our clients
  • promoting an environment where personal growth is accomplished by achieving the best results for our clients

All of our client assignments are designed, approached, and managed in the context of this mission and philosophy statement.  We recognize that our clients want solutions, not projects, and we strive to add value with each engagement.  In Trellix's focus on regional markets, a good reputation is the best marketing tool available. Trellix cannot afford to have a client dissatisfied with our work; therefore, we do what it takes to get the job done well.

Trellix has long recognized information is a key asset for a healthcare enterprise, and we've developed a focused set of services to assist our clients in defining, obtaining, and using information as they strive to achieve their strategic and operational business goals.

Trellix has an impressive list of clients that receive technological solutions, including both hardware and software components, aimed at efficiently placing tools and information on the desktop. The networks are tailored to fit the organization with appropriate and effective software applications, capabilities for LAN, WAN, and Internet communications, and connections for new and existing computing equipment.


Trellix was founded in 1993 by Mr. Dale McCall, president of the organization, and includes key staff members who have worked together on major development projects for almost two decades. Each professional on the staff has more than 20 years advanced experience in exactly the areas required to produce the highest quality practice management system—systems engineering, telecommunications, technical writing and instruction, business management, patient account management, and the full range of healthcare billing and collecting services. The entire staff has worked exclusively in healthcare for at least the past ten years (in some cases much longer) providing information technology and support services for physicians and physician groups.

With the strong need for leading edge healthcare systems along with ever changing requirements, we offer our comprehensive system and are committed to continued advancement. In addition, teaming partners that include technology manufacturers and suppliers create full-service capabilities. The expertise at Trellix combined with proven, comprehensive project management methodologies consistently yields project successes and satisfied clients.


When you select Trellix, you receive immediate solutions and a proven practice management system -- having achieved over $2 billion in billing and collections. These practices not only realize efficiencies but have also seen a marked increase in revenue collection that easily exceeds the cost of the system. The Windows XP standard interface supported by basic training from our implementation staff allows office personnel to immediately begin to use the intuitive interface. And should anyone need assistance, they can reach our help desk during business hours by e-mail, phone, cell phone, or pager.

The many system features provide you with substantially fewer claims errors, automated forms processing, electronic transactions, and many other performance-enhancing tools. The system takes advantage of the Windows XP/2000 environment so you can transition your office away from expensive central equipment and onto more cost-effective and commonly available solutions. The Windows XP operating system also allows us to supply you with standard commercial and office automation software applications for general office use. Much of the information gathered by the practice management system can easily be imported for use by applications such as Microsoft Access, Word, and Excel.

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