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With roughly 50 employees and 6 providers, Plano Women’s Healthcare (PWH) is one of the leading Obstetrics and Gynecology groups in the North Texas region.  In order to maintain the high quality of patient care that is vital to PWH physicians, while boosting capacity and performance, the practice implemented MedTeam EMR, which is completely integrated with their MedTeam Practice Management and Practice Analyst software and reporting systems.

Improved Patient Care
Patient care is improved in a number of ways with MedTeam EMR, including improved patient communication, faster access to data, automated flow sheets enabling better chronic disease management, and various alerts and reminders, just to name a few.  A 2004 Merritt Hawkins study reported that physicians said that patient relationships represented 58% of the greatest source of professional satisfaction. So an EMR that mitigates malpractice risk and improves patient care and relationships is clearly a well-appreciated benefit.

When asked if MedTeam EMR has improved patient care, Nancy Joslin, Practice Administrator of PWH, remarked emphatically:

“That happens every day.  MedTeam affords our physicians instant access to the medical records of our obstetrical patients who present in the emergency room, for example.  We can instantly answer important questions about conflicting blood types, laboratory results and other critical information.  Actually, we update Labor and Delivery after every obstetrical visit. In addition, MedTeam helped us to turn our investment into profit.”

Employee Satisfaction and Retention
Employee retention and its associated cost savings is a key concern for any practice.  Healthcare is an increasingly complex and human resource-hungry industry in which there is constant pressure to reduce operating costs while responding to new regulatory demands while still meeting patient expectations. In this environment, practices have previously lacked the resources to manage clinical and medical record operations cost-effectively.

PWH found that the speed of EMR allows them to fully utilize the skills of their smart, ambitious nursing staff that now have newly-captured time to personally manage mammography and laboratory services and their associated direct patient communications.  This benefit has been mutually beneficial for patients and nurses alike.  Nancy Joslin adds,

"With MedTeam, we have realized not only our expected results from electronic medical records implementation, but some very valuable, unexpected benefits as well.  One of the unexpected benefits has been near elimination of drug seekers.  Our providers can log in at any time, day or night, and review a patient’s medication history.  Drug seekers learn quickly that we are savvy, and stop seeking.”

Risk Mitigation yet Reduced Human Resources
David J. Brailer, M.D., Ph.D., a national leader in harnessing health IT to promote safe, quality and efficient health care, leads a new federal office at the Department of Health and Human Services, created by a directive from President Bush. The office supports efforts across government and in the private sector to allow more effective use of information technology to promote higher quality care and reduce health care costs.  His strategic action framework includes giving providers “the tools and capabilities to manage patient populations, and to deliver consistently high-quality healthcare in an efficient manner.” Interoperability between physicians and ancillary providers is an important tool already in the hands of MedTeam providers.

Not only has PWH eliminated two positions by importing laboratory results into their EMR, but MedTeam’s speedy lab interface has also afforded the nursing staff the ability to handle the entire process personally, contacting patients at once when necessary.  MedTeam’s lab interface tool was developed to cover related functionality from front to back office, including interfaces with well-known laboratory companies like Quest Diagnostics, LabCorp, AmeriPath, and WebMD/CPL. 

More Patients with Less Overhead
A compilation of various studies indicate that providers spend an average of 1.5 hours per day documenting patient encounters, and the vast majority of that documentation is a repetition of normal findings.  That burden added to decreasing reimbursement and professional liability premiums, fear of documentation deficiencies and privacy concerns equals a formula for unhappy physicians.  Other service-oriented businesses including the banking and travel industries have employed sophisticated software systems for decades to manage these burdens.  Although President Bush’s plan calls for EMR deployment throughout the United States during the next ten years, many believe it will happen more quickly, and according to Nancy Joslin, here’s one reason why

“We have made important internal investments in our software, taking advantage of the flexibility and power of MedTeam EMR. This software quickly became the communication hub for our entire clinical staff, enabling us to support our patients’ needs from a central point of control – and without shuffling paper. With EMR, we not only contained costs, we slashed them.  Transcription savings alone paid for MedTeam EMR.  We expect to achieve further reduction in costs and gain the ability to provide more care to more patients.”

She concludes,

“We have an excellent working relationship with MedTeam. The local team does a great job of anticipating what providers need.  We had extreme likes and dislikes when shopping EMRs, and MedTeam’s flexibility and support have been very helpful.”


Business Needs

  • maintain medical record privacy
  • revolutionize medical record availability
  • decrease human resource time in low-level tasking
  • increase patient throughput to enable treatment of a growing number of obstetrical and gynecological patients

Implementation of MedTeam EMR, a windows-based electronic medical records software combining speed, ease of use, visual simplicity, flexibility and powerful integration with ancillary services across the healthcare continuum.



Return on Investment




Eliminate paper charts

Eliminate chart production costs
Eliminate paper charts costs
Eliminate office supply costs

Recapture storage areas

Reduce chart storage costs
Utilize space for delivery of additional / new services

Fewer lost charts

Increase staff satisfaction
Increase office efficiency

Eliminate lab-related and test result-related chart pulls and filing

Increase front and back office efficiency
Increase patient satisfaction and care from faster turn-around

Decrease time pulling charts

Increase front and back office efficiency




Stronger adherence to clinical protocols

Improve clinical care

Improve decision support

Increase provider satisfaction

Optimize clinical response time

Improve clinical care
Improve patient satisfaction
Improve “care partner” satisfaction (referring and ancillary providers)

Improve chronic disease management

Improved clinical care
P4P revenue opportunities




Improve coding

Resolve under-coding and lost charges
Mitigate regulatory risks from over-coding

Improve claim submission accuracy

Decrease denied claims
Decrease collection staff overhead
Decrease low-level tasking costs
Decrease postage and wasted phone time

Automate charge capture

Decrease un-filed claims




Eliminate transcription

Eliminated in-house transcription staff costs
Eliminated transcription vendor costs


Human Resources


Decrease staff turnover

Decreased costs associated with staff transitions, hiring, and training

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