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The concept of MedTeam EMR is to provide pertinent information and efficient, easy-to-use tools allowing physicians to reduce overhead, increase revenue and improve patient care. MedTeam EMR replaces the paper chart by providing a feature-rich, flexible system that actually gels with the provider’s typical workflow, providing more time to see patients – and see them more effectively.

  • Far more efficient communication capabilities within the practice
  • Powerful interfaces with laboratory, radiology and other ancillary service providers and systems
  • The most flexible data entry options available in the industry, including the flexibility to support multi-specialty use within the same clinic and data capture tools editable to fit a physician’s own documentation habits

MedTeam EMR is altogether integrated with the MedTeam Practice Management System simplifying software support, eliminating compatibility issues and lowering costs.


The challenges facing today’s physician are unique. The business of providing healthcare can be overwhelmingly complex considering not only the financial management involved, but also the sheer volume of clinical data that must be communicated between providers to coordinate patient care.

MedTeam EMR provides the necessary interface for dialogue between the physician, staff members, patients and outside sources such as clinical laboratory systems, diagnostic testing equipment, radiology ordering and imaging systems, referring physicians and governmental data repositories. Physicians tell us that MedTeam enables them to create and document care protocols consistently and legibly, communicate orders easily and more quickly, manage documents and images in a fraction of the time previously spent pulling charts and handling paper, monitor riskier patients more effectively, and access their data from just about anywhere to communicate orders and support their medical decision making.


MedTeam EMR powerfully supports any combination of data entry tools that the physician chooses to employ, including µTemplates™, freeform sketches, string text, voice recognition, handwriting recognition and/or free text. Providers and staff can quickly:

  • Document problems and link them with assessments, plans and orders
  • Document the History and Physical Exam with automated normals, pertinent negatives and/or abnormals
  • Create MetaTemplates™ linking the documentation for diagnostic testing, office procedures, surgical and other orders by condition
  • Fill and re-fill prescriptions electronically
  • Review imported test results and images and assign related tasks paperlessly
  • Generate on-screen and printable patient education documents on the fly including freeform sketches, images and text
  • Set electronic reminders
  • Document patient phone call encounters
  • Generate letters, consultation reports, consent forms and similar documents that are automatically populated with clinical and demographic data

The results are real. Regardless of practice size, MedTeam clients enjoy successful implementations and report improved workflow management, increased patient throughput, eliminated transcription fees and a real return on their investment.


Our overall experience with MedTeam has been very positive; I have never had any complaints or problems. The initial implementation and training went very well, and since then, the support team has been excellent to work with. I have even been able to communicate directly with the owner of the company, who has always taken time to answer any questions that I've had.

Dwayne Eason, Office Manager
Dallas Infectious Disease Associates


have added patient educational information for almost every disease process imaginable. The patients really like this feature.

G. DeAn Strobel, MD
Complete Women's Care
Allure Laser & Medical Spa

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