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While most physicians are not trained in accounting or financial management, they are definitely skilled in gathering pertinent data, using diagnostic tools, and exploring potential explanations in managing their patients. These same skills can be applied in managing their practice. MedTeam Practice Analyst was designed to aid the provider in systematically investigating possible causes of poor performance or finding the most promising, strategic and insightful opportunities.

What’s so different about MedTeam Practice Analyst? It dramatically minimizes the effort of analyzing your practice with a point, click and drag method of adding multiple data dimensions to reports, spreadsheets or charts. Favorite views always display with the most current clinical and financial data, reducing the time necessary to analyze – time which most providers tell us they simply do not have.


MedTeam allows you and your staff to focus on crucial issues, armed with meaningful results to assess physician and ancillary performance:

  • Financial indicators such as overhead, managed care payer performance, coding patterns, profits, and physician productivity
  • Clinical outcomes such as colonoscopy and mammography utilization, diabetes and asthma to name a few
  • Marketing trends including incoming and outgoing referral trends, shifts in patient base by age, condition, insurance and more

Many physicians struggle to balance revenue and expenses while maintaining quality. Do you know if costs are too high or productivity is too low compared to others? Is overhead too high? Are collections poor? What can be done to reverse any failures? With MedTeam Practice Analyst, providers see the big picture and zero in on the performance measures that they want to monitor, such as:

  • Total gross charges per physician, encounter or work RVU
  • Net medical revenue per physician, encounter or work RVU
  • Net medical income per physician, encounter or work RVU
  • Relative distribution of payer mix
  • Bad debt as a percentage of charges
  • Total adjustments and write-offs as a percentage of charges or per physician
  • Annual encounters per physician
  • Annual work RVUs per physician (inpatient, outpatient and procedural RVUs)
  • Work RVUs per encounter
  • Encounters per patient-care hour
  • Percentage of charges entered more than x days after encounter
  • Aged accounts receivable > 30, 60, 90 or 120 days (total amount and percentage of total) per physician
  • Gross accounts receivable days by payer and plan
  • Number of days in accounts receivable
  • Procedures per physician per time period
  • Distribution of evaluation and management codes by physician

More and more health plans are paying physicians an average of 10 percent of their annual income by meeting specified quality measures. Practices that succeed at “pay-for-performance” programs get paid for improving their care, service and efficiency. MedTeam providers can easily drill-down to document their:

  • Clinical quality and effectiveness (the percentage of patients with asthma on controller medications and other chronic disease care improvement methods)
  • Patient satisfaction (referrals from patients, and lobby, exam room and total encounter wait times)
  • Patient safety (the percentage of patients questioned about allergic drug reactions)

Whether the rewards are financial or professional, MedTeam Practice Analyst puts the information in the clinician’s hands in seconds.


Using MedTeam Practice Analyst, providers can easily identify revenue opportunities. Our clients monitor practice trends to determine the optimal location for strategic office expansions, for example, and what services they should offer their patients there. When considering new services or locations to increase revenues, MedTeam clients can:

  • Evaluate whether they have a service or services that will definitely be reimbursed
  • Predict whether the Return on Investment is realistic
  • Reasonably project overhead and staffing costs
  • Gain needed support from executives, partners and board members

MedTeam Practice Analyst generates insightful information effortlessly, regularly, and when needed most. Practice Analyst is a tool of unlimited possibilities.


MedTeam is much more user-friendly than any other software that I've used. It's easy to understand and for new employees to learn quickly.

Dwayne Eason, Office Manager
Dallas Infectious Disease Associates
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