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MedTeam Practice Management Analyst to Speak at Texas Medical Association Seminar
Jocelyne Swayze-Carter, CPC to speak regarding pediatric coding
June 21, 2005

Dallas, TX – Trellix Engineering, a leading provider of healthcare information technology, announced today that analyst and professional coder Jocelyne Swayze-Carter will be speaking at the Texas Medical Association’s “ABC’s of Pediatric and Adolescent Care” seminars. The TMA conferences are expected to attract hundreds of pediatric healthcare professionals across Texas, and are being held at 4 locations and dates during July and August of 2005.

“Physician practices are challenged like never before to comply with the many state and federal laws that surround the treatment of minors. Regulations concerning medical record access, HIPAA privacy, consent and correct coding add to the already complex nature of treating pediatric patients. This seminar has been developed help navigate the relevant laws and coding nuances,” says Shannon Moore, TMA <insert title>. "Our participation reflects our commitment to supporting not only the improvement of information technology, but also knowledge enrichment in the coding and billing of medical services," says Trellix President Dale McCall. “Practices with well-trained coders enjoy higher collection percentages, faster payment and greater efficiencies overall. We are pleased to be able to support providers in improving their business practices.”

As a Certified Professional Coder, Jocelyne integrates proper office and procedural medical coding experience into every Trellix client’s training and services. Prior to joining Trellix, Jocelyne served as Practice Administrator for CARUS Healthcare, P.A. and an affiliated Management Services Organization, where her duties included managed care contract administration, fee schedule analysis, office and procedural coding, encounter form development, auditing, training and general administration of approximately twenty physician practices, physical therapy centers, and imaging facility.

For the full seminar schedule or to register, visit or call 1-800-880-7955

About the Texas Medical Association

The Texas Medical Association was organized by 35 physicians in 1853 to serve the people of Texas in matters of medical care, prevention and cure of disease, and the improvement of public health. Today, with more 40,000 physician and medical student members, TMA's vision is still to "improve the health of all Texans." TMA aggressively supports Texas physicians by providing distinctive solutions to the challenges they encounter in the practice of medicine.

About Trellix Engineering
Trellix is one of the leading software and services firms serving the healthcare industry. Based in Dallas, Texas, Trellix has developed a focused set of products and services to assist our clients in defining, obtaining, and using information as they strive to achieve their strategic and operational business goals in the ever-challenging “business of healthcare” environment.
MedTeam, an integrated system for managing physician practices, is unique, fully graphical, up-to-the-minute, and unrivaled in the industry. MedTeam EMR is designed for wireless Tablet PC's and can completely replace paper charts as clinical records. It features a unique microTemplate technology giving clinicians the freedom to document rapidly evolving patient situations during the encounter. With microTemplates providers are never locked into a single documentation path and can quickly adjust to shifting patient complaints, medical findings, and dynamic orders -- all at the tap of a pen. MedTeam Practice Analyst software brings big company business intelligence and analysis capabilities within reach of the typical physician practice, providing flexible information about both strategic high-level practice trends and detailed ad-hoc financial information for enhanced tactical performance.
For More Information Contact:
Jocelyne Swayze-Carter
Trellix Engineering Corporation
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