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MedTeam Practice Management Software President Appointed to Sanford-Brown Institute Advisory Board
Dale McCall to provide guidance in the areas of health care systems and computerized insurance billing.
July 5, 2005

Dallas, TX – Trellix Engineering Corporation today announced an important advisory board appointment of its President to one of the nation’s highest quality health care career schools. Dale McCall has been selected to join the Sanford-Brown Institute - Dallas Medical Coding and Billing Program Advisory Board comprised of industry professionals and senior faculty.

The Sanford-Brown Institute’s post-secondary career schools provide programs of education in allied health care and related fields.

"This selection reflects our commitment to supporting academic and career excellence in both the administrative and clinical facets of the health care delivery system," says Dale McCall. “Well-trained, system-savvy employees are the key to effective, efficient medical businesses, and we’re pleased to be able to support the medical community by helping to develop the pool of talent.”

J. Dale McCall, President of Trellix Engineering Corporation, founded the company in 1993, initially offering computer network integration products and services to large national and international corporations. In less than a year, Dale turned his focus to serving the healthcare industry—after seeing the state of technology throughout the business.

Dale has more than 25 years of information technology experience applied in a range of industries at both publicly and privately held organizations. Prior to founding Trellix, he developed technology products for business networks that often connected various platforms and operating systems, required complex telecommunications interfaces, and sometimes spanned the globe. This corporate experience combined with his experience as consultant and Chief Information Officer in healthcare affords Dale a unique perspective to formulate new and successful approaches in health care information systems development.

About the Sanford-Brown Institute - Dallas

Sanford-Brown Institute is owned by Career Education Corporation (NASQAQ: CECO), one of North America’s largest providers of private, postsecondary education. The Dallas location is approved by the Texas Workforce Commission and accredited by the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES) and the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS).

About Trellix Engineering
Trellix is one of the leading software and services firms serving the healthcare industry. Based in Dallas, Texas, Trellix has developed a focused set of products and services to assist our clients in defining, obtaining, and using information as they strive to achieve their strategic and operational business goals in the ever-challenging “business of healthcare” environment.
MedTeam, an integrated system for managing physician practices, is unique, fully graphical, up-to-the-minute, and unrivaled in the industry. MedTeam EMR is designed for wireless Tablet PC's and can completely replace paper charts as clinical records. It features a unique microTemplate technology giving clinicians the freedom to document rapidly evolving patient situations during the encounter. With microTemplates providers are never locked into a single documentation path and can quickly adjust to shifting patient complaints, medical findings, and dynamic orders -- all at the tap of a pen. MedTeam Practice Analyst software brings big company business intelligence and analysis capabilities within reach of the typical physician practice, providing flexible information about both strategic high-level practice trends and detailed ad-hoc financial information for enhanced tactical performance.
For More Information Contact:
Jocelyne Swayze-Carter
Trellix Engineering Corporation
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